The Sooty Show

 I remember watching The Sooty Show when I was little, so I was interested to hear that the TV show is still going strong after 60 years. When the lovely people at Abbey Home Media offered me the opportunity to review a DVD of The Sooty Show, I jumped at the chance. How could I be sure Munchkin would enjoy watching a programme without computer graphics or lots of special effects? Well, I took him to the Sooty Christmas Show last December and, once he’d realised it was OK to clap, cheer and join in, Munchkin had really enjoyed it. So we were off to a good start! 

There are five episodes on the DVD, including one with Matthew Corbett (who presented The Sooty Show from 1976 to 1998) plus extra clips with host Richard Cadell in front of an audience: The Swimming Lesson, The Runaway Bath, Chocco Chimp, The Marching Band, and The Wedding.

The episodes are set in a holiday camp and involve the usuall mixture of magic and physical comedy that you expect from Sooty, Sweep and Soo. Richard is great, very charming and funny and interacts really well with the audience.

We’ve watched the DVD several times and, judging by how many times Munchkin laughed out loud, the comedy is still relevant and hilarious! He particularly loves the slapstick physical comedy parts of the DVD, with Richard falling into a swimming pool, being squirted in the face with water or hit with overstretched balloons, not to mention a few custard pies, as well as the magic. He’s enjoyed teh DVD so much that he insisted we take it on a visit to his Grandma’s house so that he could share it with her, and it’s coming with us on our next holiday.

The DVD last 76 minutes and costs £9.99 from several high street and online retailers. It comes with a magic wand, so everyone can join in the magic tricks. All together now, “Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy!”

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