The Friendly Party Bag Co

The Friendly Party Bag Co makes upcycled reusable party bags, made using unbleached cotton fabric hand-appliqued with designs made from recycled fabric. The design can be personalised, for example with your child’s intial, can be bought unfilled or you can save time and stress by buying them pre-filled with goodies for any age.

Party bags for chldren are available for boys and girls in different age ranges. The baby bags are for 0-2 years and include a book, a boat bath toy and tissues. The super bags are for 3 years and older and contain Haribo sweets with no artificial colours and packaged in a pretty candy-stripe paper bag, an activity book, crayons hand tied with a ribbon, a high-quality creature mask, a plane glider for boys or a butterfly glider for girls, a balloon, bubbles, and stickers. The party bags can be handed out at the end of a birthday party or they can be used at weddings or parties to keep little ones amused and engaged.

The company also makes really lovely prefilled paper party bags, bunting, personalised shopping bags and personalised laundry bags/present sacks – perfect for Christmas or for keeping toys, shoes or other items tidy!

I was sent a boy’s super party bag to try out and used it at a wedding with great success – three-year-old Munchkin stayed at the table, ate his meal, and Husband and I managed to make it through the whole wedding breakfast without having the leave the room once, and so we all had a much better time than if we’d tried it without the party bag! Munchkin absolutely loved it, and so did I. The bag itself was lovely and is still being used to carry his favourite cars/trains/small toys with him on holiday, days out and to restaurants. It washed well and is still as cute as ever several months on. The contents were beautifully presented and knowing that they’re responsibly sourced and presented with minimal, recyclable packing is a huge bonus and a unique selling point.

First out of the bag was the mask, which stayed on until the time came for photos, and is still used for imaginative play at home. Next were the balloon and the bubbles. Hours of fun! After all, what child (or adult come to that) can’t resist bubbles and balloons! The plane glider was a big hit, too, as were the activity book and crayons. Then came the pirate-themed stickers. These were used to make friends with other children and adults at the wedding, with stickers being handed to anyone who was fun or had been especially nice to him. Munchkin had lots of fun with these and made lots of new friends into the bargain! Any remaining stickers were used the next day to make a pirate story to tell using the stickers.

Munchkin and I can’t recommend the party bags highly enough and they’d be a big hit at any party or wedding.

You can buy the party bags and other items here.

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Disclosure: I was sent the party bag to review, but my opinions are honest and all my own.

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