The Land of Sometimes

The Land of Sometimes is a beautifully produced audiobook with 15 songs and a magical story that is told over 15 additional tracks. It comes as a lovely CD-sized book with gorgeous illustrations and the CD in the back. Each song introduces a new character or part of the story and a wide variety of musical styles are used to match the characters.

The story is a fantasy journey which takes place in the dreams of two small children, Alfie and Elise, who sail off to the the Land of Sometimes on a ship. There they meet the river slouch sling, Mrs Blip, the Chameleon Catcher and other characters. The song styles range from gentle and dreamy to disco via reggae and arabic-inspired.

The quality of the music means that this is enjoyable for adults as well as children, and three year old Munchkin was entranced. This is now a firm favourite and one that he wants to be put on for car journeys and when friends come round to play. What’s Munchkin’s favourite song? “It’s an electric volcano made of cherries and berries… .”

The illustrations give so much to talk about and of course there are plenty of oportunities to burn off some energy joining in by dancing! Don’t worry, though, as the CD is very calming and would make a great bedtime story as well.

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Disclosure: I was sent the CD to review, but my opinions are honest and my own.

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